Your choice of therapeutic essential oils added to the massage oil, add $10 to the session


Swedish Relaxation Massage
Enjoy long smooth strokes on the oil on the skin. Kneading, pushing down, and pulling long the muscles for a purely enjoyable relaxation massage. Can be light or mixed or deep pressure depending on your preference.

Deep Tissue (Myofascial Release)
A deep touch therapy that feels like slow “hurts too GOOD” deep pressure stretching of muscles and fascia. A good remedy for discomfort symptoms like aching, knots, trigger points, stiffness, (some types of) joint pain, immobilization issues.



Your choice of therapeutic essential oils added to the mist-diffuser, add $10 to the session

The following techniques to not require access to the skin, so clients remain clothed.

Craniosacral Therapy
A very light touch therapy that integrates the body and mind and feels like a deep unwind. Good for anxiety, feeling “off”, sleeplessness, headaches, many types of pain, falls, accidents, whiplash, concussions, trauma, birth, archaic wounds, and major upheavals. Think osteopathic manipulations for your fascial tissue connected to the cranium (head), spine, and sacrum (triangle-shaped bone at the bottom of the spine attaches to the hips). Most people fall asleep during treatment. Many awake extraordinarily refreshed.

Muscle Energy Technique
When a bone is misaligned there is corresponding tightening of large muscle groups, and deactivation of very small muscles that join bone to bone.  MET activates those small muscles by a very gentle technique (which also has the added benefit of realigning the lesioned bone!)  Chiropractors that use high velocity to adjust misaligned bones, usually do nothing that activates the small muscle groups (which is essential to maintain bones in healthy alignment.) Getting soft tissue work on those over-tight large muscle groups, after MET, makes the technique even more effective and can be integrated into one treatment session.


Thai massage blends the deep pressure of myofascial release with the movement reeducation of restorative yoga poses. Get (reverently :-) ) pretzeled and squeezed like playdough.


Specialized training and considerations are given for the mother to be and in-utero baby.  Keep the aches and pains of pregnancy at bay and get the body in share for birth, as well as back in shape after the delivery with pregnancy massage. (Techniques vary by needs. Oil massage optional.)

This is a technique developed in Japan. It is a very light touch therapy that seeks blocked energy in the body and moves it through to restore the energy field.

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