COVID-19 Policy

Thrive Studios is now mandated by the State of Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy  to change protocols on several aspects of the client's massage/bodywork appointments and standards of practice.


IN ADDITION to State of Kentucky Board of Licensure requirements, Thrive Studios will ALSO be:

*  Pre-screening clients for symptoms of COVID-19 including a no-touch temperature check directly before the appointments of both therapist and client and client’s caregiver if the client is a minor. Clients and caregivers must have no fever or any symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of appointment, or knowingly have been in contact with a person with COVID-19 for two weeks prior to their appointment.

* Therapists will be tested for COVID-19 twice monthly.

* Therapist will change clothes between each client

* Therapists will wear a HEPA (or better)  face mask at all times in Thrive Studios, and HEPA air filtration will be used during and between clients.  All clients will be masked at all times except when the client is under two years old, or the client is face down on the massage table and utilizing the provided alternative air filtration for the face cradle.


* Therapist’s schedules will have extra time in between clients to allow time for HEPA  air filtration and thorough space sanitation.


*appointments will be scheduled via: phone, text, or on-line.


*please wait in your car at the time of your appointment, your therapist will call you to 1) ask screening questions 2) go over your health history intake form and 3) determine your questions and goals for the massage/bodywork session 4) instruct you on how to make a payment if you have not done so in advance


*please pay in advance for your session on our website, or on the phone just prior to your appointment, or bring exact cash, or a check already filled out in which you will place into the proper place for cash and checks. Please ask your therapist if you are unsure as to the charges for your session.


In addition to the Healthy at Work Minimum Requirements, massage therapy must meet the requirements below in order to reopen and remain open:

Social Distancing Requirements 

• Massage therapy businesses must limit the number of clients present to 33% of the occupational capacity of the facility. Employees are excluded from this 33% maximum. 


• Massage therapy businesses should provide services and conduct business via phone or Internet to the greatest extent practicable. Any employees who are currently able to perform their job duties via telework (e.g., accounting staff) should continue to telework. 


• Massage therapy businesses should eliminate the use of any waiting areas, provide services by appointment only, and communicate when the client may enter the premises by phone or text. Massage therapy businesses must ensure clients do not congregate before or after their appointment. 


• Massage therapy businesses should, to the greatest extent practicable, modify traffic flow to minimize contacts between employees and clients.

• Massage therapy businesses should ensure employees use digital files rather than paper formats (e.g., documentation, invoices, inspections, forms, agendas) to the greatest extent practicable.

• Massage therapy businesses should communicate with clients and receive payments through contactless payment options (e.g., phone or Internet), to the greatest extent practicable. For those massage therapy businesses that cannot use contactless payments, the business should install floor or wall decals for cashier queuing areas to demark safe waiting distances six (6) feet apart.

• Massage therapy businesses should ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that any paperwork can be completed electronically by using e-signature technology for signatures.

• Massage therapy businesses should reduce, to the greatest extent practicable, the number of employees and clients entering, exiting, or gathering at one time.

• Massage therapy businesses should prohibit gatherings or meetings of employees of ten (10) or more during work hours, permit employees to take breaks and lunch outside, in their office or personal workspace, or in such other areas where proper social distancing is attainable.

• Massage therapy businesses should discourage employees from sharing phones, desks, workstations, handhelds/wearables, or other work tools and equipment to the greatest extent practicable.

• Given the close personal interaction inherent in massage, massage therapy businesses should consider screening potential clients over the phone to ensure they are not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Massage therapy businesses also may take temperatures of clients upon entry. Massage therapy businesses may refuse service to someone who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Requirements
• Massage therapy businesses should ensure that their facilities, including workstations, common areas, breakrooms and restrooms and are properly cleaned and ventilated. 

• Massage therapy businesses must ensure that massage tables are sanitized and that linens and hydrocollator pack covers are replaced after each client. 

• Massage therapy businesses should provide hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, and tissues in convenient locations to the greatest extent practicable. 

• Massage therapy businesses must ensure employees properly wash their hands before and after providing service to each new client. 

• Massage therapy businesses should consider revising appointment scheduling to leave a minimum of 15-30 minutes between clients to ensure proper sanitizing of the space and avoid client overlap. 

• Massage therapy businesses making restrooms available must ensure restrooms frequently touched surfaces are appropriately disinfected on a regular basis (e.g., door knobs and handles). 

• Massage therapy businesses should ensure disinfecting wipes or other disinfectant are available at shared equipment. 

• Massage therapy businesses must ensure cleaning and sanitation of frequently touched surfaces with appropriate disinfectants. Areas with frequently touched surfaces include changing rooms, doors, and waiting areas. Appropriate disinfectants include EPA registered household disinfectants, diluted household bleach solution, and alcohol solutions containing at least 60% alcohol. 

• Massage therapy businesses should ensure that lotion/lubricant bottles are disinfected before and after each client or should consider using disposable lotion/lubricant packets. • Massage therapy businesses must establish a cleaning and disinfecting process that follows CDC guidelines when any individual is identified, suspected, or confirmed as a COVID-19 case. 

• Massage therapy businesses should ensure employees wipe their workstations and/or cash registers down with disinfectant at the end of their shift or at any time they discontinue use of their workstations and/or cash registers for a significant period of time. • Massage therapy businesses should ensure employees do not use cleaning procedures that could re-aerosolize infectious particles. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding practices such as dry sweeping or use of high-pressure streams of air, water, or cleaning chemicals. 

• Massage therapy businesses should disallow clients from any direct use of retail items or products prior to sale. 


• Massage therapy businesses should encourage clients to touch only those retail items or products they intend to buy. 


• Massage therapy businesses should ensure any retail items or products that are touched by clients but not purchased are set aside and cleaned using steam or other appropriate cleaning measures prior to returning to sales shelves. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements 


• Massage therapy businesses must ensure their employees wear face masks for any interactions between clients and co-workers or while in common travel areas of the business (e.g., aisles, hallways, stock rooms, breakrooms, bathrooms, entries and exits). Employees are not required to wear face masks while alone in personal offices, more than six (6) feet away from anyone else, or if doing so would pose a serious threat to their health or safety. 


• Massage therapy businesses should consider lining tables, table warmers, bolsters, face, cradles, and pillows with non-permeable barriers, such as vinyl mattress pad covers. 


• Massage therapy businesses should apply a washable face-cradle cover to the face cradle, and consider topping it with a pillowcase, leaving a pocket underneath that could catch client aerosols when they are prone. 


• Massage therapy businesses should ensure clients and other visitors (e.g., suppliers and vendors) wear face masks while on the premises unless doing so would present a serious risk to their health or safety or they will remain more than six (6) feet away from anyone else at all times. Massage therapy businesses should make masks available for clients; however, clients may bring and utilize their own face mask if they wish. Massage therapy businesses should consider asking clients to keep the mask on at all times other than while in the prone position on the table. If clients, suppliers or vendors refuse to wear masks, the massage therapy business may, at their discretion, refuse those individuals entrance. 


• Massage therapy businesses should establish a policy as to whether to serve clients who do not adhere to the business’s policy to comply with CDC guidelines.
(Thrive Studios will only serve clients wearing face masks until further notice, unless the client is under 2 years old. Or, the client is utilizing the face cradle catchment system while laying face down on the massage table)


• Massage therapy businesses must require employees to wear gloves anytime they are touching a client’s face and the gloves must be immediately removed or replaced after they are no longer touching the client’s face. Massage therapy businesses may require employees to wear gloves in other instances, but gloves are not required provided the massage therapist refrains from touching their own face while massaging the client and thoroughly washes their hands for at least twenty (20) seconds per CDC guidelines before and after touching each client.

Training and Safety Requirements 


• Massage therapy businesses must train employees to properly dispose of or disinfect PPE, inspect PPE for damage, maintain PPE, and the limitations of PPE. 


• Massage therapy businesses must train employees to use PPE. This training includes: when to use PPE; what PPE is necessary; and how to properly put on, use, and remove PPE. 


• Massage therapy businesses must place conspicuous signage at entrances and throughout the store alerting staff and customers to the required occupancy limits, six feet of physical distance, and policy on face coverings. Signage should inform employees and clients about good hygiene and new practices. 


• Massage therapy businesses should, to the greatest extent practicable, implement hours where service can be safely provided to clients at higher risk for severe illness per CDC guidelines. These guidelines are available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019- ncov/faq.html#Higher-Risk 


• Massage therapy businesses must ensure employees are informed that they may identify and communicate potential improvements and/or concerns in order to reduce potential risk of exposure at the workplace. All education and training must be communicated in the language best understood by the individual receiving the education and training

THANK YOU for choosing Thrive Studios for your bodywork and massage therapy needs.  For your time and money to be well spent, please review this page of Thrive Studio’s policies before booking your first appointment.


We care about your time constraints and request that you do the same for Thrive Studios.

We reserve your appointment time JUST FOR YOU. We do not keep a waiting list. Please provide us as much advance notice as possible if you need to change your appointment.  We require a minimum of 24-hours notice for any schedule changes or cancellations. We allow the grace of one “mess up” of a missed appointment or a late cancelation.  After that, we require a 50% payment for missed appointments or late cancellations. (If there is a continued problem, we will require you to leave a credit card on file and will charge 100% of the missed appointment, but will only do so after you agree to this policy in writing.)

PLEASE DO cancel your appointment if you have the sudden, "I'm getting sick" feeling, have a fever, have diarrhea from illness, or if there is inclement weather that makes travel hazardous. Exceptions are on a case by case basis.

All efforts will be made by Thrive Studios to keep your scheduled appointments. There may be unavoidable times when we need to reschedule your appointment time or day. In this case, there is never a charge to the client.


Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time so that you will be ready to start at your allotted time.

We understand that timing can be thrown off in the course of a day. If you arrive late to your appointment, we will do our best to give you your scheduled amount of time. This is not always possible when the therapist’s schedule has other appointments behind yours. When this is the case, late arrivals will result in the loss of the minutes late.

Occasionally the therapist’s schedule will run behind. In this case, your appointment fee will be adjusted accordingly, or, when possible for the therapist and the client, the appointment will start late and end late accordingly.


Your safety and comfort is our top priority. You can expect to be treated with 100% professionalism at Thrive Studios.

Your massage, bodywork, yoga, or workshop appointment is 100% non-sexual.  By scheduling an appointment with Thrive Studios you agree that under no circumstances will you minorly or majorly disrespect this policy. Failure to do so will result in the full charge of your appointment and also immediate termination of the appointment. No appointments will be rescheduled for a client who does not respect the inappropriate behavior policy.

Further policy questions or comments?  
Please contact Andri Kukas at 859-582-6295 or email, thrivestudiosberea@yahoo.com