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THANK YOU for choosing Thrive Studios for your bodywork and massage therapy needs.  For your time and money to be well spent, please review this page of Thrive Studio’s policies before booking your first appointment.


Thrive Studios is following the state of Kentucky and CDC protocols for your safety.


We care about your time constraints and request that you do the same for Thrive Studios.

We reserve your appointment time JUST FOR YOU. We do not keep a waiting list. Please provide us as much advance notice as possible if you need to change your appointment.  We require a minimum of 24-hours notice for any schedule changes or cancellations. We allow the grace of one “mess up” of a missed appointment or a late cancelation.  After that, we require a 50% payment for missed appointments or late cancellations. (If there is a continued problem, we will require you to leave a credit card on file and will charge 100% of the missed appointment, but will only do so after you agree to this policy in writing.)

PLEASE DO cancel your appointment if you have the sudden, "I'm getting sick" feeling, have a fever, have diarrhea from illness, or if there is inclement weather that makes travel hazardous. Exceptions are on a case by case basis.

All efforts will be made by Thrive Studios to keep your scheduled appointments. There may be unavoidable times when we need to reschedule your appointment time or day. In this case, there is never a charge to the client.


Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time so that you will be ready to start at your allotted time.

We understand that timing can be thrown off in the course of a day. If you arrive late to your appointment, we will do our best to give you your scheduled amount of time. This is not always possible when the therapist’s schedule has other appointments behind yours. When this is the case, late arrivals will result in the loss of the minutes late.

Occasionally the therapist’s schedule will run behind. In this case, your appointment fee will be adjusted accordingly, or, when possible for the therapist and the client, the appointment will start late and end late accordingly.


Your safety and comfort is our top priority. You can expect to be treated with 100% professionalism at Thrive Studios.

Your massage, bodywork, yoga, or workshop appointment is 100% non-sexual.  By scheduling an appointment with Thrive Studios you agree that under no circumstances will you minorly or majorly disrespect this policy. Failure to do so will result in the full charge of your appointment and also immediate termination of the appointment. No appointments will be rescheduled for a client who does not respect the inappropriate behavior policy.

Further policy questions or comments?  
Please contact Andri Kukas at 859-582-6295 or email,

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