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Andri holds a remarkable level of safe healing space for clients. Her energy is grounded, calm, and aware. She is highly professional, with direct clear communication and solid boundaries. I have benefited from her work many times, often at key moments of transformation in my life. Thank you Andri!"


"When my daughter was just a week old we began seeing a Lactation Consultant for some early breastfeeding challenges. Our LC recommended bodywork and craniosacral therapy as a possible corrective solution. My husband and I were surprised and somewhat skeptical - massage for newborns?! Still, we were committed to trying everything we could to make breastfeeding work so we made an appointment with Andri. We had two sessions during the second week of our daughter's life and after just one session we saw a dramatic improvement in her ability to feed effectively without causing me pain. Andri was kind, encouraging, and totally flexible and patient in working with a tiny baby who doesn't exactly know how to just lie still for a massage. We're so glad this type of holistic treatment was recommended to us. It essentially cured our feeding issues and our daughter was noticeably calmer and more content afterward. I'd highly recommend Andri to any other parents facing similar issues. After only TWO VISITS, this amazing lady changed my life!"

"I had a constant headache for a month straight, and have had them my entire life (at only age 19) deriving from my back and my neck. I suffered from a back injury and car accident, and saw many medical doctors with no relief, I was only getting worse by the day. After the first visit I noticed a difference, and then I came back a second time and I feel like a new person. I haven’t had a headache in 2 days, which may not seem like a big deal to some but it is for someone who didn’t go 2 hours without one. After time and time again visiting doctors, getting MRIs, talking about different surgeries, and spending tons of money, I was still so miserable and becoming depressed because of being so young and full of pain. I just cannot begin to explain to you the difference it’s made for me. I have a quality of life. Medicating your symptoms is only a temporary relief people, she can change your life."


"I was able to make daily sessions with Andri for an entire week. The improvement not just in my body but in my spiritual wellbeing was unbelievable. I highly recommended doing these with her. She definitely knows her craft. Her knowledge of the body and soul are very intuitive."

"Andri's work in cranio-sacral therapy helped me to heal--there's no doubt about it! Having a background in mindfulness practices and alternative approaches to healing, I came to Andri with the belief that she could help me heal some facial trauma that I had incurred one and a half years earlier. The problem was that I had walked into a glass wall in a building that was not marked properly. My broken nose had healed, but I still had some facial pain on the right side of my face, as well as some headaches. Andri was very professional and I enjoyed the experience of receiving her services. The pain has reduced substantially since I saw Andri! I would recommend Andri's services to everyone."


"Andri was recommended to me by my daughter. I have poor circulation in my lower legs which made it very painful to walk even a short distance. 800 - 900 ft. or 5 - 6 minutes on a treadmill was my limit, even after 2 - 1/2 months at Cardinal Hill Rehab. After consulting with my Doctor and a Vascular Surgeon (with numerous tests), I was looking at surgery, which I really wanted to avoid. I happened to meet Andri at a totally unrelated event and took it as a sign that I should give her a try. Best thing I have done in years! After one session with her, my time on the treadmill went from 5 to 12 minutes (I stopped at 12 because it surprised me, LOL). Within a few weeks I was up to 20 minutes and by 2 months I easily do more than a mile in less than 30 minutes ( I only stop then because I get bored). I have no idea of the width and breadth of her healing powers but I would recommend her to all."


"My sweet but non sleeping baby boy Asher had his first session with Andri. I could tell an overall calm and peace about him. I'm at the point of sleep exhaustion, she came to the house during our bedtime routine and of course he didn't cooperate as usual. When he finally settled down (which Andri was so patient and kind), she went to work and he was in a calm peaceful sleep. He normally cries all night, I get frustrated, and neither of us get sleep. He did wake up once but he ate and went back to sleep. This really helped us as a family."


"I have not had full range of motion in my neck in years. With just a few sessions my pain has decreased drastically and I am able to turn my head and even look behind me. I’ve gotten very few headaches since starting therapy with Andri. She is a blessing and a gift! I highly recommend her wonderful therapy."


"Andri’s practice is rooted in science but her execution is total magic. Her touch is never painful or harsh but rather she seems to communicate with your body and coaxes it to let go, to line up right and to listen. Do yourself a favor and go be putty in Andri’s masterful hands."

"David gave the best massage- applied deep pressure and passive stretching to relieve all the tension in my upper back. Wonderful experience- plan to be a regular client!"


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